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Pillar Procedure Cost

The pillar procedure is a minor surgical procedure in which small reinforcing rods are inserted into the soft palate under local anaesthetic. The rods are intended to reinforce the soft palate, preventing it from collapsing and blocking the airways during sleep and thereby treating snoring and sleep apnea.

pillar procedure price

At its initial introduction it was widely popular, but over time the popularity of this procedure has waned and few doctors … Read the rest

list of six ways to stop snoring

Stop Snoring Quickly… and Without Killing Your Wallet

Snoring is a huge problem. At least 45% of adults snore occasionally and more than half of those people snore nightly.

Do you want to know how to stop snoring?

We have reviews and recommendations to help you solve the problem. It’s all in everyday words too… no technical language here.

Why You Want to Stop Snoring?

Did you ever hear a spouse talk about their partner’s snoring? It can … Read the rest

Anti Snoring Device Comparison Chart

Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Reviews – Anti Snoring Device Comparison

There are so many anti-snoring devices out there nowadays! Which of them works best, lasts longest and gives you a good night’s rest? Do you choose a chin strap, a comfy pillow that puts you in the right position to eliminate snoring or a mouth guard that fits onto your teeth pushing the jaw forwards?

The factor that makes your choice so tricky is the fact that all of these Read the rest

LIST OF BEST natural snoring remedies

The 6 Effective Natural Snoring Remedies That You Can Use Today

If you suffer from severe snoring, you (and your partner) would surely be very happy to find a cure. Snoring disturbs your sleep, that of your partner and can even result in sleep apnea, a condition in which the airways become too obstructed to allow breathing.

There is a controversial operation against snoring known as the ‘pillar procedure’ and many sleep apnea sufferers resort to using a CPAP machine to … Read the rest

review of the Zyppah Mouthpiece

Is the Zyppah Mouthpiece a Solution for Problem Snoring?

Let’s be honest: snoring is a problem. Not only is it affecting the quality of your sleep, but it’s probably also affecting the sleep of your partner. Sometimes snoring is an indicator of an underlying health issue like sleep apnea, and sometimes it just happens as we age. People who have snorers in their families are more likely to be snorers themselves one day. There are plenty of anti-snoring devices … Read the rest

My Snoring Solution Chinstrap review

My Snoring Solution Chinstrap Review

Nowadays, there are many stop snoring devices available. In the interests of finding out which of these are the most effective, I searched through reviews from people who have genuinely tried various devices in order to determine which products had the best overall satisfaction ratings. My Snoring Solution reviews were generally positive, and I was interested to find that scientific research appears to confirm its efficacy. Finding the right home … Read the rest

SnoreLess Pillow Review

If you’re a snorer, you might also suffer from sleep apnea, a condition that makes you stop breathing because your airways are obstructed. The idea behind this pillow is that it keeps your jaw in the right position for your airways to remain open.

Snoreless PillowI chose the CPAP Pillow because I saw that most other anti-snoring and sleep apnea devices were mouthpieces and I honestly don’t think I could sleep … Read the rest

Pure Sleep Review

I snore (at least, I used to snore). I’ve tried a whole lot of anti-snoring devices, and it took me a while to find the right solution. It also cost me a lot of money, so reviewing stop snoring devices has become something of a specialty for me.

anti-snoring mouthpiece reviewsI want other people to find the right device before they spend a fortune trying everything under the sun. Will this device … Read the rest

SnoreRx Review

Snoring isn’t just an unattractive and noisy habit, it also means that your airways close up and you may even stop breathing altogether.

reviews of best anti snoring devicesI’ve tried a whole range of stop snoring devices because I was never quite happy with the results I was getting, and the SnoreRx is one of them. Before you spend your hard-earned cash and buy one of these, read my SnoreRX review. I hope it … Read the rest