What Went Wrong: Why Mouthpieces Fall Off Your Mouth

It is not uncommon to wake up beside your anti-snoring mouthpiece, instead of still wearing it in your mouth. First-time users often find themselves scrambling to find their device on their bed only to find out it’s on the floor already. Worse, some users felt paranoid that they swallowed the whole mouthpiece while they were sleeping.

Tongue Retaining Devices are also easy to fall off. Sometimes just moving about while sleeping will knock off the device from where it should be.

These are just some of the funny instances when you start wearing your stop-snoring devices. Even long time users experience falling anti-snoring mouthpieces while they sleep. Do not get too frustrated when this happens. As in anything you need to learn, practice is essential.

Here are the common reasons why your mouthpieces won't stay in place.

Ill-fitting Device

The mouthpiece should fit snuggly in your mouth. There shouldn’t be too much room to move because the aim of the instrument is to tighten and prevent the soft tissues from sagging. It the device is loose, it wouldn’t achieve its purpose.

The device should sit well over your teeth because it serves as the anchor of the device in your mouth. Feel the device in your mouth and find which portion feels loose or sore. If you have a bite-and-boil device, you can remold the device to ensure that it gets a good cast of your teeth.

Remember, the device should match your bite. It shouldn’t feel bulky on one side and flat on the other. You should be able to close your mouth while you have the device on naturally. It should not protrude outside your mouth.

Upside down Device

It is one of the funniest reason why the device keeps falling off. I know someone who wore the device upside down and kept on complaining that it is not working and keeps on falling. He was about to return the item when I asked him to show me why it keeps on falling. We had a good laugh after that. We had to redo the boil-and-bit process because he had it upside down from the start.

Another lesson learned is to read and follow the instruction manual. I know people are savvy now, but little things like this can affect the performance of your mouthpiece.

Practice, practice, practice 

Your mouth is not used to have something in it for a long time so do not expect it just to accept the mouthpiece the first time you try it. Do not give up on your anti-snoring solution because it usually takes at least ten days before your mouth can get used to the device.

You can also start wearing the device at least an hour before you sleep to stretch your mouth and accustom it for the extended hours that you will keep the mouthpiece in place. It will be hard during the first few days, but it will be worth it in the long run. Having snore less sleep will benefit you and your sleeping companion for life.


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