Zyppah Review

Have you heard about Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs) to stop best stop stop snooring device reviewssnoring? Most of these make use of a mouthguard, and the Zyppah Rx is one of these. However, it’s far from the only MAD on the market. Stopping your snoring is a priority for you, so we have looked into all the devices that seem popular at the moment, correlating information from hundreds of reviews in the process. But first let’s look at MADs and how they are supposed to work, with particular reference to Zyppah.

How the Zyppah works

When we are sleeping, the throat can become constricted, or the tongue or soft palate can collapse, obstructing airways owing to poor positioning of the jaw. Think of a casualty who is unconscious. First aid books say we should keep airways open by positioning the patient’s lower jaw in a slightly forward position. That’s what MADs do.

When looking at the Zyppah, we see that it attempts differentiation by not only adjusting the position of the jaw, but also by securing the tongue beneath a strap that keeps it in place. It’s also one of the MADs that uses boil and bite technology for fitting, enabling users to create a customized mouthguard. This sounds reasonable, but will the this device stop you from snoring, and is it the right choice for you?

The science behind it

The Zyppah hasn’t been subjected to sleep studies by scientists, but another device, the My Snoring Solution, has. Since this mouthguard works on a similar principle (advancing the jaw) we can assume that results would be similar. Notably, snoring, sleep apnea (cessation of breathing) and hypopnea (extremely violent snoring) are reduced. If you’d like to look at the research, you’ll find it in our My Snoring Solution review.

However, it would seem that Zyppah hopes to be even more effective by adding a tongue-strap into the mix. Whether this actually is a good idea is something we’ll look into a little later.

Overview of user feedback and reviews

Zyppah reviews are, on the whole, fairly positive. A good proportion of people found that the device really did reduce or stop their snoring. The main problem some people seem to have with the device is that not everybody is able to get used to it, and comfort issues seem to be the prime drawback. Some found it a trifle bulky in the mouth, and quite a few people remarked that tongue strap felt awkward. However, they confirmed that it does not trigger the gag reflex.


  • Advances the jaw, reducing or eliminating snoring.
  • Robust construction indicates a durable product.
  • Boil and bite fitting gives it an advantage over “one size fits all” mouthguards.
  • Designed in line with dental technology.


  • MADs that fit inside the mouth can make sleeping difficult, especially at first.
  • Nighttime drooling and jaw pain are reported by some.
  • Tongue strap seems unnecessary, and many find it awkward.
  • It’s not the most affordable device that works.
  • Unsuited for those with dentures or capped teeth.

Conclusions of our Zyppah review

This device certainly can work to stop snoring, but it seems needless complicated and costly given that another excellent device, the My Snoring Solution Chinstrap, seems to work just as well and has been scientifically tested and approved by doctors. To see the pros and cons of all the devices view our comparison chart here.